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The Charity Commission for England and Wales (CCEW), the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) and the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland (CCNI) are authorised by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) as the SORP-making body and as such take the responsibility for organising the SORP review, drafting any revisions and undertaking the consultation process. In making recommendations, the Commission and OSCR are expected to act on the recommendations of an expert committee - The SORP Committee.

Membership of the SORP Committee is drawn from all jurisdictions preparing accounts under UK-Irish Generally Accepted Accounting Practice which have a charity regulator. To be representative the Committee desires members from charities, charity umbrella groups, funding organisations, accountancy firms, and academia. Members with non-accounting backgrounds are also welcome.

Following the recent recruitment exercise carried out in 2019-20, the SORP-making body appointed the membership of the new SORP Committee with 14 Committee members drawn from the 4 charity law jurisdictions covered by UK-Irish GAAP.

Please note expenses to attend SORP Committee meetings are only paid to representatives drawn from charities, academia and small sector umbrella bodies.

Each SORP is developed in accordance with the Policy on developing Statements of Recommended Practice established by the Financial Reporting Council.

Each SORP is developed by the SORP Secretariat and then its contents are peer reviewed by the SORP Committee. The recommendations of a SORP are then tested through extensive consultation before its recommendations are finalised and published.

The process of developing the SORP changed following the report in June 2019 following the SORP governance review. A tracker reporting progress against those recommendations is now published and updated:

SORP review recommendations tracker (December 2021 update) - PDF | Word

Refer to the archived Join Us page for the original report from the governance review.

Agenda, Minutes and Papers of the New SORP Committee

The agenda, approved minutes and those papers released for public view are published subsequent to each meeting

Disclaimer - Charities SORP Committee minutes and papers subsequent to 12 March 2020 relate to the development of the drafting stage of the next Charities SORP. They set out areas of agreement or otherwise and present the Charities SORP Committee advice to the joint SORP-making body. Charities should not treat this advice as being definitive for the production of the Charities SORP FRS 102 (Third Edition) which will be subject to due process including a detailed consultation.

View the agenda, minutes and papers online.

SORP-making body announcements

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