Charities SORP

Application guidance for charity accounting

SORP COMMITTEE AGENDA - 23 February 2021

Meeting via Microsoft Teams

The meeting of the SORP committee starts at 2.00pm and ends at 4.00pm

Agenda Items:

1. Welcome from Laura Anderson, Nigel Davies and Damian Sands, Joint Chairs of the Charities SORP Committee

Apologies for absence and declarations of interest
14.00 to 14.05
2. Minutes of the meeting of 16 February (PAPER 1) - CIPFA 14.05 to 14.20
3. Setting the scene for our second February meeting (PAPER 2) - Chair 14.20 to 14.30
4. Engagement strand feedback - viewpoint of the preparer of reports and accounts/ user of the SORP (PAPER 3) - Chair 14.30 to 14.40
5. Discussion - settling the priority issues for the reflection stage from a preparer’s perspective (all members) 14.40 to 15.30
6. Summary of the next steps - Chair 15.30 to 15.40
7. First thoughts on undertaking a feedback exercise on the experience of the new process 15.40 to 15:50
8. FRC update- latest on the plans for updating UK-Irish GAAP 15.50 to 15.55
9. Any other business including future Committee meetings - Chair:
  • 8 March (Joint Committee: Convenor meeting to settle the topics for the reflection stage)
  • Settling and business for the date for next meeting post Easter- IFR4NPO project and changes to GAAP
15.55 to 16.00